Maroon and orange

We are a strong, proud nation.

So hard to describe.

Wounded, hurt and sad

Prayerful watching and waiting

How many are gone?

Thirty two lost lives

musician, dancer, lov’d one.

Professor, father.

Healing has begun.

Prayers and tributes abound.

Never forgotten.

We are all hokies.

We are a strong proud nation.

The Hokie Nation.



I hope that giving the massacre at Virginia Tech my attention for the entire week will make it easier for me to write about. I was planning to post on April 16 about it but Just couldn’t get started writing about it. I knew that it would be hard to write so I thought I would start ahead of time and write a little on it each day but the more I thought about it the harder it became. So I decided to write about it in little pieces each day. I hope that it is a fitting tribute to the victims and their families.


If you are interested vtHemi (my little brother) and the Tech cheerleaders made it through the prelim round…I tried to post the video but, but once again couldn’t get the code to work so here is the link!