Who knew?

Well, of course I knew and most anybody who knows me at all knew.

I am hooked. Totally addicted. So much so that I watched the entire first season in a week. And now I am totally bumming because I finished it and don’t have season 2 yet.

What am I talking about? I think the more appropriate question is Who am I talking about?

It’s the good Doctor. What Doctor? THE Doctor.

Doctor Who

I am a Doctor neophyte but I really enjoyed Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor. I am totally bummed that he was only around for the first season. His quirkiness and awkwardness only serve to make him more charming. And in researching this I found that he played/plays one of my favorite characters on Heroes-Claude, the invisible man. Who knew?

And Billie Piper as Rose Tyler…she is beautiful and funny and down to earth (no pun).  When she looks at the doctor you know she loves him in a way that cannot be quantified, qualified or other wise explained.

Back to season one…at first I thought there was no way I was going to get into it but the more I watched the more I liked…I like all of the hidden clues, I like the way the series loops back into itself, I like all the characters, the doctor, Rose, her mum, Mickey Smith…all of the aliens, and the way the doctor insults other species when he gets angry…season one was fun (although the episode where the nanogens regenerated the little boy with the gas mask face was creepy) And now I understand a lot more about my beloved Torchwood!

I hope that the Doctor in season two can live up to what this newby has come to believe might be the best scifi show ever!

Who knew?