I have been meaning to type this up for a while and since I am suffering terribly with writer’s block I am going to share a funny from our daily lives.

When we started looking at frames for Lullibell’s new glasses we went to the eye center at a big box store that has truly fallen out of favor recently. We sorted through the kids frames and picked a few that she really liked.

All of the frames were from kid shows or famous people…there was Sponge Bob Squarepants and the Fairly Odd Parents and 2 pairs of Hannah Montana frames that she really liked.

So we tried on each pair and each pair looked equally as lovely on her cute little face. But there seemed to be a problem. She really liked all of them but she kept insisting that she would never be able to see past the logo on the lenses.

In my harried state I finally said, “Okay well let’s just go for right now and we will come back later this afternoon and pick something for sure then.”

When we came back it was the same thing…”I just can’t see past the Hannah Montana on the lens!” So we ended up picking the Fairly Odd parents frames when it occurred to me
that she didn’t realize that the logo was a sticker and would not be on her new real lenses. I swear I couldn’t help but wonder who was the bigger dingbat…her for not realizing that they wouldn’t put something on the lenses that wasn’t removable… or me for not figuring out what she meant!