Lullibell was terribly cute the other day when she came to me and said, “Momma, I just made up a rap!”

And Momma said with all sincerity,”Cool…can I hear it?”

Then there was a look of terror on the sweet little face.  She said,”Oh, no Momma.  I can’t do it for you!”

So Momma said,”Well, why not?”

Those big blue eyes got wider and Lu said (hands on hips and head rotation) ,”Uhh, you’ll just blog about it and it’s private!”

Hmmmm….maybe I should be more considerate of the monsters when I blog.  You know, ask them before I write about them.  That’s it that’s what I’ll do.  I’ll ask them first!

Oh crap…I am so bad at this…April Fools!!!

Now I gotta go record Bubba singing a song of his own that he is making up about Holy ground and Heaven…oughta be pretty funny…I’ll let ya know!!!