Yesterday and Saturday we had showings of our house so we had to take the dogs and get lost. On Saturday the weather was very windy and I had a few indoor projects to complete for a friend who was paying me to get them done by today…Mission accomplished.

Sunday was a free day for us. We went to church, had a hue lunch at a steak place and after came home to square away the last few details of the house before the showing.

Bubba has been asking to go on a hike for a few days. I don’t mind hiking in the summer when the weather has been dry and the trails are all pretty safe but this time of year is not my favorite. So I thought, “Hey let’s go to Seven Falls. It should be pretty safe up there. And we haven’t gone up there yet, need to go before we leave…”


We headed over there at about 1:00. When we got there the wind had picked up a bit and it was COLD. There was also some monster attitude in the form of Bubba saying,”This one guy was hiking one time and fell and broke his glasses so you might not wanna wear yours, Lullibell.” But we forged ahead anyway.

The next time I have a brilliant idea would one of you kind people please stop me!

There are 2 places from which to view the falls…one called the Eagle’s Nest and then the main falls viewing platform. There are 189 steps to the Eagle’s Nest. Now, while that didn’t sound too bad while I was standing on the bottom, when I got to the sign that said “Halfway there! Don’t give up now!” I thought my chest was going to explode. We made it to the top with only one stop for pictures and gasping for air. It was quite beautiful to look at. Then Lullibell says, “I want to go over there!!!”


That’s when I realized there was another set of stairs to go to the main viewing platform-only another 224 steps. So we started the trek up that trail of torture. There were two women on their way down the stairs that told me that knees turn into jello on the way down and that there were plenty of parents up there-the monsters would be fine! I will say that the second climb was not too bad. I stopped several times to try and fill my lungs take pictures of each part of the falls.


The worst part of the climb really was coming back down! I thought my knees were going rip from the skin, tendons, ligaments, whatever. I walked down behind two very thin young women and thought that while they wouldn’t be much protection they would slow my fall somewhat if my knees did give out!


When we reached the bottom again I collapsed in a heap on a bench, pretended to be terribly interested in pondered the lack of rainbow trout in the pool at the base of the falls.


All said we had a lovely time at the falls and I got some amazing pictures to show my family and all my blog buddies in spite of the wigglywobbliness that my knees became!