Well I’m not really having a lazy Saturday.  I do have a showing at noon and have not done a great job at housekeeping this week so I have a couple more hours to finish what I have slowly been doing since 8:00 this morning…wiping walls, covering dings in the wood work, cleaning potties, dusting, wiping cabinets and counters….I could make this list very long. But the good news is that I am almost done.  I only have the floors left to do so it shouldn’t take me too much longer.

Then I have to load up the monsters-both two legged and four, and vacate the premises.  I am going to finish a project I started earlier this week…finish cleaning the carpet in my friend’s condo.  I also told her I would replace the decorative tacks on her couch this weekend so I am going to do that, too.

After that we will go to the video store and rent some movies…

So I thought I would leave something neat for you guys to do while I am gone.  My auntie that you all know as shorty sent me this link earlier this week.  I hope you enjoy it.

Spring is around the corner