Yesterday we dropped Hubby monster off at DIA. This totally sucked. So after passing the gigantic electric blue statue of a bronco twice and yelling “Look at the horse, Bubba!!!” The monsters and I headed off in search of the Downtown Aquarium.

Shouldn’t have been too hard to find because it is right off of I-25, right? Well, if one makes the 211 exit then it is very easy to get to but if one doesn’t get over in time one ends up driving in circles with 2 very unhappy monsters in the back seat.

But we did finally make it and had a huge amount of fun looking at all of the fish and other surprise animals that they house there. I did make a very cool discovery though…my cell phone takes better pictures through the glass than my digital camera does! Anyway, check out the pictures I was able to send myself!



Nice of it to pose so well for me!


This beauty did an awful lot of posing for over an our, swimming and sticking and swimming and sticking!


She prefers free climbing but for $2.50 momma couldn’t complain!


This is how Bubba spent his $2.50. It is at least wearable art!


I swear I thought I heard it say cheese!


Can we take it home, Momma? Please?



And now introducing….


This beauty is the pride of the aquarium. They run a constant feed of news footage of the tiger swimming in the same tank as the rain forest fish!


Content on the back of a giant sturgeon at the end of the day!

Hubby monster made a safe return to Tampa with only a bit of fuss at the airport.  Apparently some woman got and tried to get on he plane but the flight crew deemed her a risk so she was asked to deplane before the flight!

On our way home from Denver we got hung up in some pretty serious traffic. All of south bound I 25 was closed due to a head on collision. I had about 8 miles to find an alternate route so I was able to avoid the closure but it was still enough to make me sweat a bit. Can someone answer the question that 2 people asked me? How do you drive far enough going the wrong way on the interstate and gain enough speed to cause such an awful accident?!?!