Today Lullibell has her appointment with the eye doctor.  This has lots of potential.

There is potentially nothing wrong with her eyes and she just reeeeaaaaalllyyy likes Abby’s new glasses or the Hannah Montana glasses that a girl in her class has.  My friend Kim says that if this is the case then they will be able to tell right away and all will be well.

There is the potential that she has inherited the bad eye sight of nearly every member of her family except Papaw monster and VTHemi.  Nobody else can see.  None of us.  Well, that is not necessarily true.  I can see but that is because the wonderful hubby monster dropped a load of cash so that I could have Lasik (THE BEST money ever spent by the way!!!)  But my dad and brubba are the only two that could see into adulthood with out help!!!   But since she swears she can’ see the chalkboard and has done poorly on a few assignments recently because the instructions were written on the board I figure a trip to the old eye doctor is necessary.

I will post the results of her trip and which potential becomes reality later today along with the family’s review of Horton Hears a Who!