The house is a disaster area because I have no done anything to it since the middle of last week. I was hoping that showings would pick up now that the holiday is over and spring breaks are starting all around us. I really hope people will start looking at houses again and maybe just maybe THE right person in THE right frame of mind will look at my house and fall in love with it and the kids and I will be able to cut loose and run south.

Hubby’s visit is going well. It is funny how you can slip back into routine and start taking each other for granted! I have missed him terribly though so I hope to make as much of every moment as we can!


Update: I just read on my yahoo mail page that existing home sales were up in the month of February. Whoopy ding for those people! It seems though that the reason is probably more aggressive pricing by sellers so that doesn’t even really help me all that much. Well, crap!!!