Lullibell goes to a school where a few times a year the kids get to dress up in historical era clothing.  The three biggies for her class this year are Constitution day- where they give an oral report about a historical figure from Colonial times, Civil War day-where they dress in period costume or as one of their favorite people from the time, and Immigration day where they are weighed and measured and allowed entry into the “country”.

For Constitution day Momma stressed because I was feeling the need to over-achieve.  You know-Super mom!  So I went all out and searched for the perfect base for a costume to embellish and even made  the coolest hat for her.  Here is your preview to Momma’s mad costume making skills.


The base for this lovely ensemble was a woman’s extra small yellow night gown and some lace in a bag that I got from the ARC.  I borrowed the apron and made the hat from some left over fabric and elastic in my sewing box.  The only thing I paid full price for was the little bit of purple ribbon for her hair, bodice and on the hat.

She thought she looked like Felicity from the American Girl series.  I was mighty proud myself.

Tomorrow is Civil War day.  I have recycled much of this costume with some added touches.  Since I forgot to take a picture before she took it off tomorrow I will be posting the picture of the next phase of this costume.

Now I just have to figure out how to reuse it for Immigration day! Any suggestions?