At least for me it is. I have had a bad case of the blahs for the last couple of weeks. I couldn’t think of anything to write for a post. I even had a hard time with my Haiku Friday post. I figured out rather quickly it is because deep down inside and maybe not so deep down that I am having a lot of really angry feelings about my situation. Really angry. Thoroughly pissed. I don’t know that I can come up with a descriptor strong enough to convey what I am feeling.

The problem came when I decided I wasn’t going to complain about it anymore. I just didn’t realize how long the period that I felt this way would be. I didn’t really think I would still be in the spot that I have been since September.

I am sick of my family being in two distinctly different places. I am sick of feeling like every part of my life is in transition. I am sick of feeling unsettled and crazy and like Martha Stewart on speed.

I have never been a neat freak. I don’t like it when things are all squared away. But that is the way it has to be right now. I accept that. But for how long?

I have a comfortable life. I have two monsters that are loving and sweet and funny and smart and full of life. We are all healthy and intelligent and able to do anything we want. That should be enough but it isn’t!

I want to be in the same state as my husband. I want to live my life…NOT constantly be on edge about what is going to happen next. I want my monsters to be able to live their lives. Play in their rooms or in the backyard or sign up for something new. I am sick of the holding pattern.

I will get out of this state and I will live with a positive attitude while I am in this spot. Everyday is a blessing and a gift and I can not allow negative feelings to paralyze me. I will not sit in the pit of despair!

Humorous Pictures

Kind of looks like our Claude the cat! But no need to worry this is someone else’s kitty in someone else’s blinds!