This morning the monsters and I got up thinking surely the weather is bad enough to stay home from school, right?  No dice.  A two hour delay.  Not a happy monster princess.

Then Bubba monster’s teacher called to ask if we would be willing to come in today and I told her it was a possibility since sister would have a fit if he got to stay home and she had to go to school.  She said they would make a decision by 10:30.

So then I did a bit of recon on the road situation.  Hoping for ice packed roads and other terrible driving conditions.  Nope.  The roads along my route looked pretty clear.  Just wet.

Then Lullibell came downstairs all smiley and I asked her what was up.  “Oh, Momma, it’s just that I love snow days so much!”

Well, what do you say to that?

Then Momma called her school to say we wouldn’t be coming in today.  And I called Bubba’s school to let them know we wouldn’t be driving down for his school either.

Now they are happily playing Littlest Pet Shop and castle creatures all combined.  What they have forgotten is that Momma is coming upstairs with 1000 pounds of laundry to be put away.  This will be the beginning of their activities for the day.  There will also be quiet reading and some handwriting and math practice!  Should be a load of fun!