I was supposed to post this yesterday but as I have the flu and have totally lost touch with reality I figured this was close enough.  So here are 100 random facts about me.

  1. I grew up in Virginia
  2. I am a Christian
  3. I married my high school sweetie
  4. I think my parents are some of the wisest people I know
  5. I am a momma twice
  6. I am both a cat and dog person
  7. I get car sick very easily
  8. I love to read
  9. I love to knit
  10. I love to blog
  11.  Writing usually comes pretty easy to me
  12. I love to take photographs
  13. I love the Peanuts
  14. I hate being sick
  15. I am a television junky
  16. I love to swim
  17. I want to travel (mainly Scotland and Australia and Thailand.  New Zealand would be fun too)
  18. I love Harry Potter
  19. Pedicures are a visceral experience for me
  20. I love to have my head rubbed
  21. I am the best back scratcher you will ever meet
  22. Fall is my favorite time of year
  23. I cry anytime I hear about someone’s pet dying
  24. I went to Virginia Tech. Go Hokies!
  25. My brother cracks me up
  26. VTHemi and I are the largest resource of completely useless information that you will find
  27. I think pineapples are cool
  28. Southern Girl-with all the accessories, make-up, shoes and clothes to prove it
  29. I love sushi
  30. I peel and eat grapefruit like oranges
  31. Shrimp is my favorite seafood
  32. I hatehatehate to run
  33. I love to watch cartoons with the monsters
  34. I found a dead body once while walking my morning exercise route
  35. Shoes are my favorite part of any outfit
  36. I like sparkly things
  37. Orange is my very favorite  color
  38. I am a techno-dolt
  39. I doodle all over any paper that I am given
  40. I like to camp as long as it involves a travel trailer with all the comfort of home!
  41. I teach 3 year olds in Sunday School
  42. I am a good cook
  43. I am a terrible baker
  44. I am a pretty good housekeeper
  45. I am loyal to a fault
  46. I love to garden but suck at it in Colorado
  47. I know how to change a tire
  48. I can take the doorknob off of a door
  49. I am great at touch-up paint
  50. I love to draw
  51. I love to paint
  52. I have a butterfly tattoo
  53. I am a terrible correspondent
  54. I like antiques
  55. I believe chocolate should have its own food group
  56. I rearrange my bedroom about once every 4 months
  57. My closets are incredibly messy
  58. I love coffee
  59. Tea is my new favorite drink
  60. I never drink enough water during the day
  61. I like a good glass of wine and am not particular about the type or vineyard
  62. Pizza is comfort food
  63. I have never been able to answer the question “Favorite book?”
  64. I love nascar
  65. Dale Earnhardt Jr is my favorite driver
  66. Butterflies give me a peaceful feeling
  67. I think waterfalls are the most beautiful geographic feature you can find
  68. I hate living where there aren’t many trees around my house
  69. I think math is fun
  70. I was a mediocre student
  71. I went up in a hot air balloon when I was very newly pregnant with Lullibell
  72. I love country music
  73. I can play the piano but not well
  74. I do tons of volunteer work
  75. I am a military wife
  76. I have blue green hazel eyes like my dad
  77. I think frogs are very cool
  78. I love to go to the zoo
  79. I love amusement parks
  80. I have flat feet
  81. I have lived in five different states
  82. I think watching people is a lot of fun
  83. I get really excited when the monsters bring home a new book order
  84. I get really excited when the books are delivered
  85. I enjoy roller skating
  86. I intensely dislike skiing
  87. I like ice cream but prefer some kind of chunky to smooth ice cream
  88. I am so happy that Peter Pan peanut butter is back on the shelf
  89. I have a vision problem that doesn’t allow me to play video games that move quickly
  90. I prefer salty to sweet snacks
  91. white milk.  always.
  92. I want to raise chickens someday(hopefully no snakes and randy roosters:))
  93. I hate windy weather
  94. I like the rain
  95. I love to drive fast
  96. I am very good at puzzles of just about any kind
  97. Flipflops(thongs) are my favorite kind of shoe
  98. For as much as I love shoes I also love to be barefoot
  99. Good under wear is a must
  100. My mom’s apple sauce cake is my very favorite food ever

Well,  there it is my 100th post.  A list of 100 things about me!