Last week was the beginning of the Lenten study for the women’s bible group I belong to. The title of the study is Attentiveness: being present. It is part of a larger series of called A study of Christian Character in Community.

While I am not a fan of the format for a large series like this I have a found some parts of this study to be wonderfully spiritual. The part of the study that I have done so far is called Lectio Divina. Briefly described in the text as “praying the scriptures” it is a 5 step process to give the reading your entire attention. Silence yourself, read the passage silently and/or aloud, meditate on a word or phrase from the scripture reading, pray for transformation through the word or phrase, and finally rest silently-just be.

One of the first passages that I did this with was Matthew 6:25-34. This is the Lillies of the valley passage. These verses advise us not to worry. The flowers and birds around us don’t worry and they are provided for so why do we worry. I think part of what is being said in this passage is that while it is okay to plan ahead, to live in tomorrow is very damaging to our spirit.

I had read this passage before. Alot. The page is dog eared at the top and bottom. The passage is highlighted in a big block of yellow. There is underlining in a couple of different inks. Notes scribbled in the margins. I have it in my list of scriptures that are important to me in the back of my bible. I guess I think about worry alot.

The thing I had never noticed or processed or whatever you want to callit is the very last sentence of the very last verse: “Each day has enough worry of its own.”

Funny how that has been highlighted for me this week.

No showings of my house last week or over the weekend. Should I worry? It wouldn’t do any good if I did. Very sick little girl in Bubba’s class. Should I worry? Nope. Bubba contracts one of the illnesses the little girl had, impetigo. Should I worry? Nope-we spent 3 hours in the ER on Tuesday just to get the scrip for his medicine. No worries. Except we were no where near gonna make it to pick up Lullibell from school on time and all of my fall back pick up people were out of town or sick or moved away. No worries-called the fabulous Trish to pick Lulli up when she picked up her kids. Lulli had a marvelous time with them. No worries. On Wednesday we had in-line hockey and a showing. No worries. In the mean time Lullibell locked her guitar in the bathroom to keep it away from Bubba. Never mind that she didn’t think far enough ahead as to how we would get the door open when we needed in said BATHROOM. Tried my lock picking skill on that one. Still couldn’t get it open (damaged pride). Finally we took the door knob off and got in. No worries.

Sometimes it just gets to the point where you have to laugh about it all or you end up crying about it!

But no worrying!!!

“Each day has enough worries of its own” has become my mantra this week. A kind of slow down and take it a little at a time-instead of running in and bulling through life!