I did it….i watched the whole thing with only one break to check my email.  I can’t believe I sat still long enough to watch the whole thing.

I watched the whole thing just to cheer for a driver I don’t even like to win the ever loving race, so the car make I don’t like wouldn’t take the win.  How very said is that?

I am a fan of Nascar.  They have run one race in the Sprint Cup series and I already feel like I might need an intervention!!!

Dale Earnhardt Jr.  is my guy.  I watch his stats during the race.  I check his stats on-line if I don’t think he is getting enough coverage on tv.  I like his new look for this year.  The green and white suits him.  Great sponsors.  Great crew.  He made a good run at it today.  Not a winning run though.  I really think he does have to prove that he is a formidable driver this year because of all the noise that was made last year about his leaving DEI and his conflict with the leadership there.  He’ll do it.  I believe in him!

On a stranger note,  did any one else notice Clint Bowyers trying to take the lead while going backwards?  I mean he is a bit unorthodox, what with finishing on his top last year at Daytona.

Oh yeah, and in case you didn’t notice-this was the fiftieth running of the Daytona 500.  What was up with that lame a@@ concert(Books and Dunn were the high point of the singing and Dale Earnhardt’s car was the high point of the history!)?!?! I was terribly disappointed because hubby monster was there and held the big flag with a group of retired and active duty military.  They spent most of Saturday at rehearsal for the darn thing and then it didn’t even look like they were in the same show as the stupid colored banners.  What crap!!!

So if you were looking for a recap of the race instead of my irritated ramblings here it is:

Ryan Newman won(Dodge).  He was bump drafted in by Kurt Busch(Dodge).  Kyle Busch cam in third in a stinking toyota.  Tony Stewart finished 4th(Toyota).  Little E came in 8th and earned nearly $269,000(Chevrolet).  Jeff Gordon was in 39th place because of some technical difficulties with his car(Chevrolet).