It doesn’t take much for me to get obsessed. I obsess over my husband. I obsess over my monsters. I obsess over my house…pets…holidays…knitting…books…OMg I can obsess over just about anything.

Right now my obsession is the little “who’s amung us” map thing that I have as a widget. So many of you have one of some kind or another on your sidebar and I check yours too!!! If I can click on it I do. I want to see who is reading me and you and anyone else.

Today I was obsessing over my “was” and checking out the map…It is amazing the number of people that are on the net all over the world. There are people in Qatar, Riyadh, and Dubai reading our blogs. Mauritius, India, Malta, Italy, Greece. All over Europe, Canada and the United States. Fiji, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Fiji, New Zealand.

Some of the place names…Redondo Beach, Cheyenne, Omaha, Thompson Station,…I got Athens, Georgia and Athens, Greece….Dublin, Virginia and Dublin, Ireland…Rome…and the place names in Australia…I mean come on…Who wouldn’t want to visit Fern Tree Gully, Victoria, Australia!!!

So here is where I want to go with this. If you are reading me could you give me a general geographic location? Just to satisfy the curiosity that is killing the cat. And if you are living in one location but consider yourself culturally different than where you are living let’s chat about that too!