And now, as promised, I will show you the beautiful box of chocolates that hubby monster sent to me last week!
I have a confession to make though. I totally lost control and ate a very pretty piece the very second I got all of the wrapping off of the box. The good new is that when you get chocolates from this company they include a series of cards with a picture and description of each chocolate! This is what I ate first:
It was white chocolate filled with passion fruit mousse and painted with green cocoa butter.  Sinful!!!
I have been a very good girl ever since:  only one piece a day and greatly enjoyed.  I ate one of the macadamia toffee, the banana fosters, and the milk chocolate with coffee mousse!  They were delish!!
And since I am coming clean with the confessions I might as well tell you all that I lock the bedroom door and eat the candy so I don’t have to share with the monsters!  If I get caught I will give them some of the Hershey’s kisses that I have hidden in the closet!!
Thank you hubby monster for the beautiful and decadent box of love!  I love it!!! and I love you!