Yesterday was a strange day.  Just a little off.  Like there was something in the air.

I was greeted yesterday by a very jovial Lullibell, still on her high from the concert.  Not usually a morning person,  I was a little leery of her bouncy disposition.  Within 5 minutes of rising, though,  I knew why my momma-senses were tingling.  There issued from the monster a combination moan and scream.  “My spelling sentences are due this morning!”

I am not accustomed to this from Miss L because she is very rigid in the fact that she gets her homework finished as soon as she walks in the door and is so fanatical about maintaining her agenda book (the assignment was not listed).  So we formulated a plan for her to get as much done as possible before her reading class.  She got her uniform on and brushed her hair in record time and sat down with 20 minutes to work on the sentences.  Then she realized that she didn’t have a spelling list.  Again, unusual for her because if something happens that she doesn’t bring home a spelling list she always copies it into her agenda book in the space provided.  My irritation level at that point was probably one for the record books.

I spoke to her about being more responsible at which point she informed me that the teacher had not been in class last week on Friday when the lists were distributed and that said teacher had not written the list on the board yet.  So basically the monster took the pretest on Monday without ever having seen the words and managed to miss only 2 of the bonus words.  Hmmmmmm…

Not real sure how I am going to handle this one yet but I do know that I am going to schedule some time to talk with her teacher about how much organization and consistency is expected from  a seven year old who doesn’t receive the same courtesy from the adults in her life.  This is not the first time in recent weeks that we have had such interesting “problems” with L’s schoolwork.  I must give my monster props though.  The last time, she came up with a plan of her own and executed the plan beautifully.

Anywho, I requested a list from her teacher by email.  Said list came with snide comments attached(“It is her responsibility to let me know if she cannot find her list before her sentences are due, not the day of.”).  If it is that easy to send the list so quickly (within 20 minutes) I think I will suggest to her sending a mass mailing to anyone interested in receiving the such necessary info and lists.

Lullibell was given an extension on her sentences which she completed with no complaining and turned in this morning.

Anybody  got a take on this before I schedule my time with her teacher?