Normally, there is no chance you would read about sports on my blog. Don’t get me wrong. I like sports. I encourage my monsters to play as many sports as they like (and that there is time for). But sports were never something I excelled at and to have an intelligent conversation about sports is not necessarily something I am always able to do.

Today is the exception. I grew up in the southern United State, in a small town that had a passion for the pig skin. Friday nights resembled (eerily) the movie Friday Night Lights. Our high school team was always, at the very least, pretty good and usually we went to the state championships in some form. The members of my family are all rabid Virginia Tech fans GO HOKIES. I married my high school sweetheart who just happens to love all things football so I learned about the sport and absorbed as much as I could.

Last night, I watched the game with an incredibly fun group of people, mostly fans of different teams that didn’t go to the game. So at the beginning of the evening we all established our loyalties to one team or the other and justified our picks. I cheered for the Giants. I had a few reasons why:

  1. I like the Mannings. A Manning dynasty was a very appealing idea to me.
  2. As much as I like the Mannings I dislike Tom Brady, smarmy cad that he is.
  3. I love a good underdog win!

So with plate of munchies and beverage in hand we settled in to watch the game. The confidence of the Patriots fans in the mix was a bit overwhelming but I stood by my pick along with one of the twins (he is an Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning fan) who was cheering opposite his entire family.

First quarter was nicely played by both teams. The second quarter was a bit less crisp. Going into the third quarter I was really wondering if we were actually watching pro football. The score had remained a dismal 7-3 Patriots. But then the fourth quarter started. Oh, the glorious fourth quarter.

Eli Manning passed to David Tyree for a 5 yard gain. Not a pretty pass. Certainly not a pretty catch, as it started on top of Tyree’s helmet but a reception none the less. At the end of this drive the score was 10-3 Giants and the crowd went wild. But as I have learned 10 minutes in a football game leaves an eternity for the team that is losing to score more points.

Brady passed to Randy Moss in the next scoring drive for a six yard gain. This drive resulted in another touchdown and again the crowd went wild.

Almost three minutes left. Plenty of time for the Giants to score. Very exciting ending to a Super Bowl that one team reportedly should have dominated. My man, Eli passed to Plaxico Burress for a 13 yard gain and another TD. There was yelling and high fives. Groaning and gnashing of teeth. It was a thing of beauty.

The Patriots made a valiant effort and I have learned never to count an excellent QB-receiver combo down with 30 seconds left. But it wasn’t to be and, boy, did it feel great to see the underdog walk away with this beautiful, exciting game!

So there it is. My summary of the game. I love a happy ending!