I got an award from cate over at monkeys and marbles yesterday!loveaward.jpg

I love to read miss cate’s blog about her move and her sweet monkeys. To have so much on your plate and stay strong makes her an inspiration to me.

Now on to the presentations!

transplanting me has been spreading the love around here for a long time and check out: I have been able to add the awards to the widgets thanks to her!

Ruth over at Mary and Bob’s journal has been spreading the love even before I had my own blog!

Last but not least Sean the blogonaut. For those of you who don’t know him yet stop by his blog and check out the chivalrous one!


My dear friend over at tranplantingme bestowed this beauty on me sometime today or tomorrow. I can handle the time change for Thailand but I can never figure out what day she is on over there. Thanks mon!

Now this award is presented to the following blog buddies:

Ozatheist for keeping me honest! Every day you make me think about something and since my main source of conversation comes from the monsters it gives me something to keep the old brain going!

notgoth for being a kindred soul sister with all the same tastes as me. Shall we join Gordon’s fan club too?

Cate over at monkeys and marbles for making me laugh and appreciating my monsters as well!

Thanks again for all the love!