hello all! Nadine tagged me for Seven Strange Things About Me. Isn’t it funny that when we were kids we tried to be different and prove how neat and different we are and then when we have to make a list we have to sit for a bit and uuuuhhhhhmmmm.

Well, here goes:

  1. Even though a small dog lives in my house and I do like this particular dog and her bloodline I don’t like small dogs. Never have.
  2. I love pickled beets and pickled eggs.
  3. When I was little (and my grandmother was my baby sitter) I liked to eat cat fish eggs with her (a special treat: think of it as southern caviar).
  4. I still love getting good hand-me down clothes.
  5. I married my high school sweetheart that I had dated for…well let’s just say a very long time.
  6. I really don’t like to sleep on someone else’s pillow
  7. I saw the ghost of a civil war widow while babysitting at my bosses’ house when I was in college. She was very hard to ignore but she did stay out of the room that I was in with the children!

That was tough!

Now…let’s see…who should I tag? How about the coolest girl ever, transplanting me, and Shannon! Go for it girls! Unless of course you’ve already done it!