I’m due for a rant so here goes: Today I got the email that makes the round from time to time about women being kidnapped and personal safety. Yesterday I read a post on a blog (sorry-I can’t remember which one it was. Let me know if it’s yours and I’ll post the link) about a woman being accosted by a stalker in the neighborhood pharmacy and my good friend was likely the target of some kind of game that a guy was playing in the grocery stored parking lot!


I’m sick of men thinking they can take advantage of women, that we’re weak, that we’re not going to question what a big strong man says to us! We make it too easy for them girls! We have to put a stop to this soon or it’s only going to get worse. (This rant is not just for the women.  Guys-if you have anything to add please feel free.)

Be aware of your surroundings!

Don’t be afraid to make a scene-your voice is one of your most powerful weapons!

Fight back- don’t make it easy for them to get you to another location!

Some tender spots on the anatomy:

  • under the arm between the armpit and elbow and the thigh between the legs:give these a good pinch and almost anyone will let go and beg for mercy.
  • obviously a good swift kick to the groin.
  • the nose and the apple of the cheek-a headbut or biting these will bring tears to his eyes.
  • knees-I was in a self defense class once where there were 5 instructors. Of those5-4 of them had at least one bad knee. A kick to the knee will send them to the ground.

If someone wants your purse or wallet-throw it far away and run the other direction.

If someone approaches you from behind in a store or parking lot turn abruptly to face them and look them square in the eye. This lets them know you can identify them and they will look else where.

Make yourself look bigger than you are.

Your elbow is one of the hardest parts of your body. Use it!

There are so many things we can do to protect ourselves and our sisters. Don’t be lured in. Put up a fight!