Yesterday afternoon I took Lullibell monster to her guitar lesson right after school. On the way there it began to snow quite a bit (making our snow trip in a few weeks look really good). Now-I don’t know what I was thinking but I figured it would take us the normal 10ish minutes to get home after the lesson. Boy, was I wrong!

25 minutes later we pulled into the driveway. The monsters were slightly annoyed because they were hungry. I was a frazzled, nervous mess! There were about 10 cars in one stretch of road that could not be more than half a mile that were turned every which way you could imagine. I felt like I was driving through a wreck on a Nascar track. AND not only did you have to watch out for all the cars that were actually making forward progress, you had to watch out for the ones that were sliding around trying to find traction!

I have 2 simple tips for these people:

  1. New tires
  2. Lower gears

I realize that it may sound a little sanctimonious since I did get my new tires well into winter but I can promise you this-I will never get that far into winter again with tires like the ones I was using. And if I learned nothing while living in Colorado I learned that auto manufacturers put those two extra gears in automatic transmissions for a reason!