On Friday last week I was backing out of my driveway when I heard an odd sound, a sound that gave me a little chill that something wasn’t right. I was taking my dogs to the groomer and being the first day of winter break I also had both monsters (still in their pjs)in the van.

So-I chose to live in denial and drove down the street. I only got as far as the stop sign at the end of my street (a whopping half block at the most) when my worst fears were confirmed. I had a flat tire. It was not merely flat-it was really most sincerely flat!

I limped back to the house and, thankfully, was able to load everyone into my dear friend’s van since they had not yet returned from Thailand. The dogs got to the groomers before their scheduled time so all was good!

Fast-forward through the drive home. The temperature was predicted to be in the low thirties on Friday. We were also supposed to get some snow and a howling wind. As I was herding monsters into the house I looked back and begged God to hold off the bad weather until I got the tire changed.

When I opened up the jack storage I was surprised to find a better jack than I remembered and, who knew but my van has anchors to hook the jack to so you don’t have to worry as much about it falling off the jack!!!! Yay!

I did get one surprise. I thought that I had a full size spare. Nope. Wrong. Only a donut on a really heavy steel rim!

All things considered-this was the easiest tire that I have changed in my driving career. I highly recommend Chrysler products if for nothing more than that (and they usually have pretty good safety records) .

Anyway, I got to the tire place and they were amazed that I changed the tire myself. Really. Shocked. Still not sure if I should be proud of myself or if this was an insult. I think I am going to go with the pride thing because of the people at the shop. They were wonderful and took great care of me. I felt like family after the first few minutes (thanks Trish!)

So how on earth could I feel grateful after the chaos of a morning like this?

Here goes: I am thankful to be strong and physically healthy enough to change the tire. I am thankful to have a father who taught me how to do things like that. I am thankful to have had the flat during the warmest, driest, least windy part of the day. I am thankful to know people who can help me out with the kinds of tires and service that my van needs. I am thankful that the monsters were home so 1. I didn’t have to rush anyone off to school or pick any one up and 2. the monsters can see that everyone needs to know how to help themselves in a situation like that!