Disclaimer: This post actually has nothing to do with fruitcakes of any kind except the human variety!

My friend Jackie* was telling me that she and her husband were having some trouble with his ex and their custody agreement. I don’t have a lot of personal experience with this kind of thing but I am a sympathetic ear so I put on my good listener face and she told me their story.

It seems that Bill’s* ex and his 15 year old had decided that Jackie was crazy and dangerous. So dangerous in fact that the ex risked contempt of court by not sending the kids on the arranged night.

The reason that they decided Jackie was crazy? Because she talks to God (and gets an answer)!

Now in my little world when we talk to God we call that prayer. My daily prayers are all different depending on where I am in my day. In the morning when I pray it is to say,”Thank you God for allowing me to think, breathe and move. Use me to your service and glory.” All through the day I pray conversationally with God-“Wow look at the beautiful…”, “Help me get through this.”, “Am I reading this situation right?”, “Thank you for the food you have provided…” At bedtime I pray a prayer of peace and thanksgiving. The words don’t necessarily matter but I need an open dialog with my God. God already knows what is in me. Prayer is the way that I acknowledge it and my way of sharing it openly.

The answers come when my mind, body, and soul have reached a place where I am open to them. I usually call this meditation. Do I hear the booming voice of God ringing in my ears? No-and to tell the truth if I did I might run screaming to the closest church or hospital! The answers I get come from every day situations. I hear a song on the radio that carries some kind of message for me. I have the same topic of conversation in totally different settings…maybe God wants me to take a look at this subject. I come across readings on the same subject…hmmm. Just today I was thinking about buying a gift for a special friend. The perfect gift fell into my hands with a saying that applies to both of our lives. My monsters can drop huge bombs on me straight from God. Hearing what God has to say doesn’t depend on Him talking to me-it’s about me listening for Him.

So is Jackie crazy? Well if she is I would like to reserve a nice padded cell next to hers so we can talk to God together.

*name changed