Last week I wrote a post about how fantastic I was feeling about the holidays. How freeing it was to not worry and fret over every little detail and not plan everything out to the last second. And all that holds true. Really-it does.

I’m not sure where these bluesy feeling are coming from. I don’t feel particularly negative or anything. Just kind of disconnected and blue. I keep forgetting to do things or grab things on the way out the door. Even when I get all organized and ready to go. I feel like things around me are moving in fast-forward and I am moving in slo-mo.

I have a few theories about this. I am hormonal. I need to have my meds checked. I have been living a single parent life style for 53 days and now hubby mon is 5 and a wake up away. I have been dwelling on the losses that have happened in and around my life this year.

So, what am I doing for myself? Well, I am allowing myself to feel sad about the things that have happened in the last year. I am thinking of going to the Blue Christmas Service at my church. I am preparing to greet my hubby monster on Sunday. I am calling friends to talk and to ask for help with things I can’t do on my own. I am calling my doctor for an appointment first thing in the am.

But the hormones. What to do about those? Does anybody out there know where I can get a 10 pound chocolate bar? perhaps a lamington?