I love music.  All kinds of music.  I remember music always being a part of my life.  I have listened to and bought music that is amazing, fun, silly, lame-you name it!  It seems like I can think of a soundtrack for every part of my life.  There was bluegrass, great southern rock, counrty music classics, 80’s music, college band music, gospel, everything.

My monsters love music. All kinds of music.  I started playing music for them as early as you can imagine.  I sing to them.  I used to say that Lullibell was just certain that momma has a song for every occasion.

When she was an infant there were two ways to calm her down-  1.Sing “There was a tree…”  or 2. Play the “Shake Your Money Maker” CD by the Black Crows.  Then came her Elvis period.  She could sing “Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love” and “Fools Rush In” by the time she was two and a half.  Now she has moved on to Hannah Montana, Kelly Clarkson, Saving Jane, Avrile Lavigne.  She can even play a little Avril on her candy apple red guitar.  Right now she is into the Saving Jane song “Girl Next Door”.

Though Lullibell may venture into the world of pop princesses and rocker chicks her heart lies with country music.  Don’t get me wrong-she likes her country to have a bit of attitude!  Her favorite is Big and Rich.  But she also likes a guy named Rodney Atkins.  He has songs out like-“If You’re Goin’ Through Hell”, “Still Cleanin’ This Gun”., and my monsters’ all time favorite “I’ve Been Watchin’ You.”

The other day Lullibell stopped me in my momma tracks by telling me she knows the four letter word that starts with S that the four year old in the song says.  Slowly I turned to look at her and she spells “S-H-*-T”  I decided that this was probably not one of parenthood’s most shining moments but to go with it anyway and try to make something out of it.

So I said,”You know that is very smart of you to figure that out all by yourself, sweety, but let’s not use those kind of words, ‘kay?”

Eyerolls…”Momma, I didn’t say it, I just spelled it!”

Well, duh, how could I have been so stupid!

Look at that-parenting gold!