In November when I finally gave in to the fact that the children and I were not moving to Florida any time soon, I signed Bubba up for in-line hockey.  I had watched him skating and thought he was progressing very well so I thought this would be good for his coordination and a confidence boost.  Well, who knew how right I was?!?!

He is amazing on skates now.  He skates almost as fast as I do.  He has learned to handle his stick and skate at the same time.  The problem?  No real problem except that he looks like he’s chasing butterflies the whole time!  He skates in circles and all over the place, sometimes knocking into the other kids that are actually chasing the puck.  It is so funny that I have trouble keeping a straight face.  Of course, most of the time I don’t even try because he is usually laughing when he gets up after a fall.

So-the important thing is that he is having fun, right?  Except, tonight he is the goalie for his team.  That means he has to go out with even more equipment than usual and he actually has to come in contact with the puck if has team has any chance of winning!

What’s that?  Winning isn’t everything?  Yeah, try telling that to the XYs in my family!  You see, the penis people believe that winning isn’t everything-it’s the only thing!  Okay, honestly, even the five year old knows when his team has one or lost the game.  He may not watch the puck but he knows where the everloving scoreboard is!  Even if the scoreboard isn’t working-he keeps track of the score in his head.

The good thing is that the coach Bubba will have tonight understands that he is the youngest, most inexperienced player on his team so he always spends a little extra time telling the kids how to play their positions and help one another!

The kids on Bubba’s team are really cool kids though.  They encourage each other and help each other and really just have a great time playing the game.  I have met most of the parents and think they are wonderful people and it shows through how well their children behave and help each other with their game.  So—

To be continued……