I’m not sure what’s going on with me this year.  I so totally am not stressed out about the holidays.  Usually by now I am caught up in the frenzy of there’s not enough time or money to get me through the holidays.  I yell at my kids and anyone else that seems to be slowing me down.

Yesterday I went to that dreaded big box toy store that all children think is nirvana.  I spent a bit of time looking for one of the things both monsters asked for.  Never got irritated, never had the urge to scream at anyone.  I had a lovely converstion with the people in line behind me.  My gift card that I had been saving to use on just such an occasion wouldn’t swipe, scan or check.  Never got irritated.  The checker entered it by hand and voila-my fifty dollars!  I had a lovely conversation with the checker.  I couldn’t believe it.

Once again the lights are out on the front tree.  I am going to replace the second strand with a string that can take the high load but I will have to wait til tomorrow because it snowed again last night and off and on today.  Still not making me crazy.

I haven’t mailed a single card or gift.  Haven’t wrapped any presents.  Still not making me crazy!

I am enjoying the monsters and their excitement over the holidays.  Listening to Christmas music.  Watching the monsters create paper “projects” (Bubba’s name for it) that leave bits of paper everywhere-still not freaking out.  The kids were hoem for a snow day toady.  We elfed ourselves (thanks faboo mama)!

I know that I will love my friends and family the week after Christmas-with or without presents, cards, etc.  I know that if I get everything done and it’s a little late-so what?  My family and friends will still love me.

Everything pales when you think that the Christ child came in spite of preparations that everyone made for Him.  And to think that the birth of a carpenter’s child 2000 years ago can stop traffic and change our lives even today!