Friday was a magical day for Bubba.  A day of Christmas magic and cool toys. My friend, Miss E, has a very special friend who just happens to be the sister of a man with a snowy white beard and hair.  He wears a red suit and, yep you guessed it, has a sleigh parked in front of his house right now.

On Friday, Bubba and I went to visit with Miss E.  We had a lovely munchy breakfast and Bubba played with a toy that I had never seen before.  It was a toy she had saved from her youngest son who is 39.  Oscar’s Trashcan Game.  I bet Bubba could have played with that game for hours if given the opportunity.  The object of the game is to flip trash into the can with spatula-catapults.  Hours of fun to be had.

Right before we left Miss E’s house she got a phone call from her friend, Santa’s sister.  The big guy and his sister wanted Miss E to come see the sleigh because they had just finished decorating it.  Bubba was flabbergasted!!!  Speechless!!!

A little while later, after he had regained the power of speech,  Bubba asked if WE could go see Santa’s sleigh.  I asked him how we would get there and his answer was that we could drive around until we found it.  Then he added that we could ask Miss E how to get there.

This exchange gave me time to think about my answer.  I told Bubba that Santa had shared some of his Christmas magic with his sister so Miss E could come visit them and see the sleigh.

This answer satisfied him.  I love Christmas magic.