Lullibell has a project due on Wednesday.  She has been studying simple machines in science.  When I read the project sheet I figured we could get by with a lever.  You know, use a seesaw to catapult polly pocket across the room or something.  At the very hardest I was thinking an auger that moved beads up to the top of a tube. 

Oh, No!  Not my kid.  Why take the easy route when you can make mommy get out the drill?!?!?  My kid wants to make a pully system where a large figure can be lifted by a smaller figure.  She’s envisioning Pokemon.  I am envisioning band aids!

So after a completely frustrating trip to the local home improvement store,  I found some closet runner wheels and household twine that I think will work.  I also scavenged some wood from my neighbor (thanks, Mon!!!!)

When I got home from The Store, I spent almost an hour looking for the chuck to the drill that had fallen out when we were cleaning the garage in preparation for the non-move.  I managed to screw together a frame to mount said closet runners on.  When I asked Lullibell if she was ready to do her part she looked at me like I had 2 heads and asked if she could go play with a friend instead. Aaghghgagaghghg!!!

 So tomorrow the saga continues…..Stay tuned

 PS-when I plugged in the lights for the beautiful tree in my front yard only the very last string on the bottom burned.  But with some scavenging from an old set I replaced the fuses in the next set up and, voila, my tree has lights.  I feel so handy today!!