I got pissed off last night. It was not a big thing but it is seething a little under my skin.

I belong to a group that has a cooperation not afiliation policy with another closely related group. My group sets up childcare for its members. We have offered to let the other group use this childcare as well. We have asked the other group that if they intend to advertise that they have childcare that they pay part of the fee. They have been great in getting a few dollars together every week to help out.

Last night their contact person got upset because our treasurer left before she could get downstairs. Her comment to me is,”She never waits for me. Why doesn’t she ever wait?!? This is really starting to piss me off!!!”

Okay in all fairness she does wait. As long as she can. sometimes more than ten minutes. Last night she was dressed beautifully to go somewhere else. I willingly took the money but Geeeeees could ya be a little less grateful.

And since I’m getting it all off my chest here-this is the member whose 8 year old attacks Bubba (5) and hurts him every chance he gets and then laughs about it like they were just kidding around.

Sorry about the whine I just needed it to go with my cheese!