My favorite Christmas lights, hmm, that’s a tough  one.  I really love Christmas lights.  My dad loves Christmas lights.  That was always one of our “things” when I was growing up.  We always hung the outside lights together, thousands and thousands of lights.  Just me and my dad, every year for as far back as I can remember until I got married and moved.  We both loved the colored lights-we hung big ones and little ones on every thing that would support a string of lights.I try to include both of my monsters in the light hanging in the monster house.  Hopefully it will give them some really great memories of spending time with dear old wineymomma.

When I was a kid my favorite lights at home were the ones that bubbled.  You know, the ones-filled with mystery liquid heated by the light underneath until little, colored, sparkling bubbles moved up through the glass tube.  I just love those.  I used to run to be the one to plug in the tree.  Then I would sit and wait for the first bubbles to come up.

At church we always had big-old field cedar trees cut out of someone’s farm pasture.  They were huge.  Then every year the tree decorating angel would come in and put lights all over it.  I went to a little country church growing up so the lights were all hand-me-down donations that were always mismatched and frequently tossed because they were on their very last life.  I remember for several years running we had the same string of odd sized lights that had a few blinkers in it.  Sometimes sitting there I could get absolutely mesmerized by the pattern of those individual blinkers.

This year my tree in front has gotten so large that I had a friend come over to help me put the lights on-Thanks, Jeff!  It was quite the project but I think it was worth the effort.  I would have liked to put a few more strings on but I don’t think the fuses (in the lights could have handled it! 

 Yeah, I love Christmas lights.