On Thursday Bubba Monster reported to me that a little boy in his class told him that Santa wasn’t real.  He was offended!  So I asked him what he said to this darling child.

“I just told him that he wasn’t very smart to believe that Santa is a fake.”

This has really been bugging me since we had the conversation.  It makes me angry that people tell there kids things with no regard to them spreading the info.  I know that at some point my kids are going to grow up and lose their innocence.  I don’t believe that it is wrong however to guard that innocence.  Why are we in such a hurry for our little people to grow up?  Life is sometimes cruel and painful.  Let’s give them a chance to be kids for as long as they can.

I intend to speak to the teacher about this tommorrow before class starts.  I don’t believe that she could have changed what happened but I think it would be much better for the mother to hear from her about this than from me. 

I was very proud of Bubba for not worrying about what his friend would think of him for believing in Santa.