Yesterday I spent alot some time on the net-reading, writing, downloading. I got a new toy so I thought it important that I get familiar with it……blah,blah,blah….You get the idea.

Back to the subject here-I have had quite a case of analysis paralysis lately. I just can’t see the point to keeping an immaculate house if no one is going to come see it. So when the call came in at 5pm that we would have a showing at 10:30 today I was overjoyed. Then I looked around at the Legos, Pollies, crumbs and smudges everywhere.

I don’t know how loud the panic actually sounded but in my brain it was nearly a sonic boom. I was certain that there was no way I was going to get everything done in time. Lullibell monster’s room was a disaster area that she had allowed to bleed over into Bubba’s room. Floors were smeared and gross. I can’t even talk about the bathrooms.

I managed to take care of everything but the litterbox and backyard (doggie duty). Thankfully, Lullibell and Bubba read to each other at bedtime so I could finish cleaning. The house is now shiny and clean. So while we are having breakfast with Santa this morning we can rest easy and take our time!

Hopefully, the people will love the house and give us a full offer. It could happen, right?