Yes, indeed, HELLOOO WOOOORLD!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my first day! A new start. A blank slate. I get to be a whole new me. I have always wanted to be a journaler but never ever kept up with it. Now with being geographically separate from so many friends I get to journal with a purpose.

I have tried so many different things recently and become such a different person that I thought blogging would add to my feeling of new independence. The monsters have gone to bed this evening and I am looking forward to watching a favorite TV show with my dear friend from across the street.

Today in Colorado was chilly to say the least but the sky was blue and the clouds that rolled through were beautiful. This morning I went to a meeting where the topic was joy. How do you keep the joy in life up front? What things do you do that hinder seeing the joy right in front of you? What on earth do you have to be joyful about? I am blessed to have been raised by a man that always makes you stop and think about the beauty around you. The beautiful clouds that I saw today. The beautiful little children I am blessed to wake up with. The beauty of friends that know me and still love me. These are all constant joys in my life.

The second part of my day was an Advent study at my church. This was the first meeting of a four week study called The Miracle of Christmas. On the front cover of the book is a beautiful, intricate creche. The leader of the group asked us to think about nativities that we had memories of or that we have today. The creche in my childhood home was a beautiful one that was all pastel and perfect. My mother looke for the perfect manger to use for years but couldn’t find exactly what she wanted. One year while cleaning up an area that had always been used as a woodpile my dad took several pieces of moss covered kindling and bark and made the little structure out of that. they still use it and I always think of it when I set up my own nativity. Mine is Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang dressed to tell the first Christmas story.

The theme of the actual study was “The Miracle of the Good News”. I got to spend an hour talking about joy in the afternoon too!!

So here’s wishing you a night to be joyous, happy, and free!